Chronomancers: The Timeless Order is close to finishing

Hi Everyone!

I am in the final few chapters of my next book: Chronomancers: The Timeless Order, I expect it to be completed in the week of 10 – 19 April, so very soon!

After that the editing will start, I already have a few beta readers as well, I am very excited about this book! Here is a sneak preview:

Sneak preview

Chapter 1 – A thousand years later

A thousand years had passed since Kai has passed, but his legacy lived on through his descendants. One of them was a young man named Isaac, who had grown up with a sense of otherness that set him apart from the common people of Chronos. He had always been aware of his unique abilities, even before he fully understood what they meant.

He had always felt a deep connection to time, and he had an uncanny ability to predict what was going to happen next. His parents had nurtured this gift from a young age, teaching him about the wonders of time and the world around them.

As Isaac grew older, he became more and more fascinated by the army of Chronos. This elite group of soldiers was responsible for protecting the people of Chronos from the outside world, and they were known for their incredible skill and bravery, and very advanced tech, they even recruited those who had a special affinity with time control. Isaac had always dreamed of joining their ranks, and he spent countless hours practicing his combat skills and studying the tactics of the army.

The Cronomancer was an elite unit, shrouded in mystery and awe. Their gleaming steel suits of armor were crafted with meticulous precision, designed to protect them from the dangers of battle while also enhancing their natural abilities. Each Cronomancer carried a special blade, honed to perfection and imbued with the power of time control. These blades were among the most coveted weapons in all of Chronos, and only the most skilled and deserving warriors were chosen to wield them.

But the Cronomancer’s arsenal didn’t stop there. They also had a variety of other special weapons, each designed to augment their mastery of time. Some had gloves that allowed them to manipulate time with their hands, while others had special boots that let them move faster than the eye could see. There were even rumors of Cronomancers who could summon time portals, allowing them to travel instantly from one place to another.

Despite their impressive abilities and equipment, the Cronomancer remained a shadowy presence in the world of Chronos. Few knew anything about their origins or purpose, and even fewer had ever seen them in action. But those who had witnessed a Cronomancer in battle knew that they were witnessing something truly extraordinary.

One day, when Isaac was a teenager, he received a letter in the mail. It was an invitation to join the army of Chronos. He was overjoyed, but also terrified. He knew that the army was a dangerous place and that many soldiers did not return from their missions.

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  1. David Smith Avatar

    Outstanding story there. What occurred after?

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    Everything is very open with a very clear clarification of the challenges. It was really informative. Your site is extremely helpful. Thank you for sharing!

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